Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

The Relaunch of Captain Euro

Nicolas De Santis


EU superhero, Captain Euro®, being relaunched to respond to the rise of Euroscepticism, and keep Europe united with a strong identity!

New stories include Captain Euro® dealing with global issues and politicians including Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi, new European Commission President Juncker, Vladimir Putin and David Cameron, among others.


Captain Euro® is the controversial superhero mascot of Europe that became an instant media sensation in the 1990s. He was the first cartoon superhero representing the European Union, and is being relaunched today with a brand new website, new stories, cartoon strips, vignettes, podcasts, and much, much more! Captain Euro®, whether you love him or hate him, has never stopped receiving global media attention, and his character and storylines have been updated to reflect the present state of globalisation and the needs of a modern EU. To reach, entertain and inform as wide an audience as possible, Captain Euro’s stories and vignettes will also be translated into different European languages.

Europe’s recent rise of Euroscepticism, and the lack of a strong and clear EU brand have shown the critical need to bring Europe closer to its citizens. Captain Euro® is being relaunched as part of the BRAND EU® Centre, the new independent initiative to develop a strong brand and identity for the people of the European Union. Managed by global business strategy think tank Gold Mercury International, the joint mission of the BRAND EU® Centre and their trusty protector Captain Euro® – is to assist in the creation of a powerful EU BRAND identity that connects with citizens and the rest of the world.


Captain Euro® was originally launched back in the 1990s to help launch the Euro, and solve Europe’s lack of clear identity. It created instant public impact, appearing on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, The Times, BBC, The Sun, CNN and news channels around the world. He was a divisive and exciting figure who is still talked about today!

“When we launched Captain Euro in 1990s to foster a European identity, it was an instant media success despite the lack of internet access at the time. Europe is a very different place now. Together we are one of the world’s strongest powers. Separately, we amount to far less in this newly globalised world, where size is everything. Armed with this knowledge, Captain Euro® will continue on his heroic mission to promote the values of a united EU which we all share: peace, solidarity and sustainability.”

– Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, and creator of Captain Euro.


With Captain Euro’s relaunch comes an entirely new approach and audience. The new Captain Euro® uses the power of satire, humour, and intrigue to raise awareness of critical global issues. He is also tasked with exposing and criticizing areas which lack effective global governance, or systems with excess bureaucracy; particularly in the context of contemporary national, European and global politics. These new stories include Captain Euro dealing with global issues and world leaders including Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi, new European Commission President Juncker, Vladimir Putin and David Cameron, among others. When world leaders want advice and wisdom about EU and global affairs, they come to Captain Euro®.

Captain Euro is supported by his crack team, assembled from around Europe, including Europa (an environmentalist, his oldest friend and greatest ally), Marcus (the programming genius), Helen (the governance expert), Erik (the tech specialist), Lupo (a rescued timber wolf and loyal friend to Captain Euro) and Pythagoras, the flamboyant and competitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) construct. Together, the team fights their eternal nemesis, the evil speculator Dr. Dexter Viderus (who goes by the villainous name Dr. D. Vider), who will stop at nothing to divide and destroy Europe for his own personal gain.

Captain Euro and his team operate from diverse secret bases located in iconic European buildings, such as the Eiffel Tower (Paris), the Atomium Building (Brussels), the Colosseum (Rome) or Big Ben in London. He promotes non-violence and does not have any special powers, if we exclude his near-superhuman powers of persuasion and ability with languages. He uses the power of the intellect, strategy and common sense to solve humanity’s problems and defeat Europe’s adversaries.

“The European Union is the legacy and resolution of centuries of war and conflict in Europe; culminating in WW1 and WW2. It is crucial that we do not allow this legacy to be eroded by its own weak marketing strategy, which does not reflect the current reality. Captain Euro® is a great communications tool to create debate and help connect with citizens at various levels and respond to the Euro myths advanced by Eurosceptics. Now Captain Euro can also use the full power of the internet and social media to interact with a larger audience in Europe and the world. Captain Euro’s most important weapon with the public is his sense of morality, humour and his belief in humanity as a force for good. He is a dreamer, but also a realist, and recognises that we live in an interdependent world that needs to be anchored in peace, global cooperation, and sustainable values.”

- Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, and creator of Captain Euro.

On the BRAND EU CentreThe mission of the BRAND EU – European Union Brand Centre at Gold Mercury International is to assist in the creation of a powerful EU BRAND identity that connects with citizens and the rest of the world. Via our various programmes, we aim to clarify what the EU really is, its global role and where it is going (vision). It is critical for citizens to get involved in the EU project. To achieve this, we must re-position the BRAND EU and show its key benefits, while proposing ways forward, recognising the need for constructive EU reforms. The Centre uses Gold Mercury International’s extensive experience in global branding and identity issues, European Union affairs, strategic visioning, communications and territorial branding. The centre is backed by prominent supporters of the European Union including Enrique Baron Crespo former President of the European Parliament and Todd Ruppert founder of Ruppert International and former CEO of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services. www.brandeu.eu

On Gold Mercury InternationalEstablished in 1961, Gold Mercury International is the Global Vision Strategy think tank. Gold Mercury works with companies, organisations and leaders to navigate global complexity and develop the strategic visioning and innovation required to build the sustainable business models, cultures and brands for the future. Since its founding in 1961, Gold Mercury has been a pioneer in developing corporate visioning frameworks that integrate the future in strategic planning, policy and governance. Our CORPORATE VISION SYSTEM® brings together the most important organisational components to define, manage and maintain a corporate future: Strategic Visioning, Global Branding, Business Model Innovation and Organisational & Cultural Transformation. GLOGO® is Gold Mercury’s Global Governance Centre for Sustainable Globalisation. GLOGO® develops future intelligence on the challenges and opportunities of globalisation and the way in which it affects global areas and industries. GLOGO’s unique framework includes a monitoring and rating system to organise world complexity and report on the impact of major decisions and events on the future of our world. www.goldmercury.org

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